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[채용마감] 품질관리 (팀원급)

Job description

  • Review requirements, specifications and technical design documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback
  • Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases
  • Estimate, prioritize, plan and coordinate testing activities
  • Design, develop and execute automation scripts using open source tools
  • Identify, record, document thoroughly and track bugs
  • Perform thorough regression testing when bugs are resolved
  • Develop and apply testing processes for new and existing products to meet client needs
  • Liaise with internal teams (e.g. developers and product managers) to identify system requirements
  • Monitor debugging process results
  • Investigate the causes of non-conforming software and train users to implement solutions
  • Track quality assurance metrics, like defect densities and open defect counts
  • Stay up-to-date with new testing tools and test strategies


  • 학력 : 대졸 이상 (4년)
  • 경력: 품질업무 경력 2년 이상
  • 성별: 무관
  • 모집인원: 0명
  • 우대사항: 영어가능자 (TOEIC 750 이상), 해당 직무 경험, 공학 계열, 비파괴검사, 인증업무, 선행품질활동 등 경험자 우대, 계장업계 경력자 우대

What we provide

  • Company benefits such as competitive salary and bonus, Pension, Private Medical, Critical Health and Life Assurance (following a qualifying period)

How to apply

  • 영문/국문 이력서 제출: hr@wika.co.kr
  • 마감기한: 2018년 1월 31일

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