Model TF45

OEM insertion thermometer with connecting lead

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WIKA Croatia d.o.o.

+385 1 6531-034
+385 1 6531-357


  • Solar heat, renewable energies
  • Machine building
  • Compressors
  • Refrigeration technology, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Furnance and equipment construction

Special Features

  • Measuring ranges from -50 °C ... +260 °C
  • Connection lead made of PVC, silicon, PTFE
  • In 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection
  • With single or dual measuring element
  • Thermowells made of stainless steel


Measuring element, tolerance
WIKA uses the following standard elements in the TF45 series:

Single measuring element

  • NTC, R25 = 2.5 kΩ ±5 %
  • NTC, R25 = 10 kΩ ±5 %
  • Pt100, class B per DIN EN 60751
  • Pt1000, class B per DIN EN 60751 
  • Ni1000, DIN 43760
  • KTY10-6
  • KTY11-6
  • KTY81-210
    Others on request

    Dual measuring element
  • 2 x Pt100, class B per DIN EN 60751
  • 2 x Pt1000, class B per DIN EN 60751
  • 2 x Ni1000, DIN 43760
    Others on request

    Platinum elements offer the advantage of meeting international standards (IEC 751 / DIN EN 60751). Nickel elements are also standardised, but not international. Due to material- and production-specific criteria, an standardisation of semiconductor elements, e.g. NTC's and KTY, is not possible. For this reason their interchange ability is limited.

    Further advantages of platinum elements are: better long term stability and better behaviour over temperature cycles, a wider temperature range as well as a high accuracy and linearity.

    High accuracy and linearity are also possible with NTC's, but only in a limited temperature range.

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